1st lawsuit filed after Florida bridge collapse

Courtesy AP

Courtesy AP

The newly constructed bridge at "Florida worldwide university" collapsed last Thursday killing six people and crushing eight cars underneath.

"We know this will be a hard week", university President Mark Rosenberg said in a statement.

Mallard represented Ajax Construction Corp.in 2013 when it was sued by Miami-Dade College following the collapse of a parking garage that killed four workers.

Five of the victims died when the 174-foot-long prefabricated section of the bridge collapsed on top of their vehicles as they were waiting under the span, which had just been put into place a few days earlier, for a traffic light to change, officials said.

Six people died in the collapse of a pedestrian bridge onto a bustling Miami highway, and mere seconds separated those who were killed from those who survived.

The first lawsuit has been filed against the companies involved in the design and building of the bridge that collapsed at Florida International University.

By Sunday afternoon, most of the rubble had been cleared from the south side of Southwest Eighth Street.

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Hepburn, "like many other unsuspecting victims, was simply performing ordinary activities and like many other victims of this horrific event was simply passing under the bridge without warning of increased danger", the lawsuit reads.

Brownfield, 39, was a married father of three and a crane technician who was driving beneath the bridge when it buckled.

According to Robert Sumwalt, NTSB chairman, investigators had not yet reviewed the conversation between Pate and FDOT. The voicemail wasn't picked up until after the collapse, however.

State authority Florida Department of Transportation said: "According to standard procedures, FDOT issued a permit at the request of FIU's design build team to close SW 8th Street during the installation of the FIU pedestrian bridge on Saturday, March 10".

It said that it is the designer of the bridge, working for MCM. "That's a fundamental question that needs to be answered in this case", Morgan said during a news conference today.

Among those listed in Hepburn's complaint are FIGG Bridge Engineers and Munilla Construction Management, who acted as a unified design-build team for the $14.2 million project.

"Before another dollar is spent on this bridge, we must know exactly what happened", Scott said. Our priority focus continues to place sympathies for the victims at the forefront of our thoughts. The National Transportation Safety Board is trying to determine the cause of the accident, and the Miami-Dade Police Department is conducting a separate homicide investigation to determine if anyone should face criminal charges. "I will cherish every memory we've made and will miss you every day for the rest of my life".

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