Google's instant app tech now lets you try games before you buy

Google Lens Now Rolling out via photos to all iOS users

Google Play Instant lets you try games without having to install them

In addition to the Google Play Instant announcement, Google is also launching a redesigned Play Games app for Android today.

Will this encourage you to try more Android games? Tap the "Try Me" button and the game becomes available for you to sample without any of the apps' files getting installed on the handset. Some of the initial games include Clash Royale, Words with Friends 2 and Final Fantasy XV. As you're trialing a game, Google will display an "Install now!" button to install the full game on your Android device if you so choose.

Google Play Instant games in the Play Games Arcade tab.

The search giant did confirm Lens will be added to Google Photos for iOS during Mobile World Congress, but did not specify when to expect it's arrival, aside from stating it is "coming soon" in a Twitter post.

Google began its Instant apps venture at 2016's Google I/O and slowly began piloting the feature.

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"Users who have historically abandoned instead of installing a game are instead trying the game out and then installing", Google Play product manager Jonathan Karmel told Engadget. But it's also a competitive field where one hit can make or break a company.

More games are planned and Google is in talks with several developers to bring their titles to Google Play Instant. Offering a way for users to try them out before downloading could help boost the number of users.

Today Google announces a solution to the problem: Google Play Instant. So starting with Android P, minimum supported apps will be above Android 4.2, and new app submissions will have to target Android 8.0 Oreo or above. Later this year, it will be opened up more broadly, and it will be available to app developers as well as game producers.

At GDC, Google is also updating the Play Console with a new internal testing track "to quickly test and iterate on new games and features".

The list of games that are available under the Google Play Instant section on Play Store is now limited but big titles like Clash Royale and Final Fantasy are already available to try through the new service on Play Store.

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