PUBG Mobile for iOS Launches in Canada

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 5 million

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets Free DLC On Xbox One Alucard Christian Tepes

My first game in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, I was an absolute beast.

The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with rich detail, realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for Battle Royale.

News of this new Xbox One PUBG update comes after last week Bluehole announced that the early access Xbox game had crossed 5 million players.

Players will be able to team up with friends and communicate using voice chat.

Tencent Games, soft launched its mobile version in Canada last week to essentially beta test the version and with positive response it has now released it worldwide. "A lot of [work] went into controls and optimization to give players a smooth and intuitive experience", Chen Jerry said.

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A mobile version of Battlegrounds (affectionately referred to as PUBG by fans) launched for Android and iOS devices late Monday.

To download the game, stable and secure Wi-Fi is highly recommended as the Android version of the game is well over 700MB while the iPhone version is 890MB. PUBG Mobile automatically collects good gear you're standing near, so you don't have to fiddle with your inventory constantly. But it can be played on iPhone 5s as well.

The game has been released under vast pressure to perform, because Epic Games had announced the release of Fortnite, another hot new game which is heavily inspired/ copied from PUBG, for iOS and Android. However, the graphics have been toned down to support mobile GPU. Hopefully, the patch will resolve various issues reported by the gamers community. Android users can find it on Google's Play Store. But again, after playing PUBG for long, my perception is highly likely to change.

With Fortnite, mobile players can enter games with people on Xbox, PlayStation and even computers. I've spent some time with the game on mobile over the past week, and I'm surprised at how well it works. PUBG for Android is essentially the full game that you could buy for Steam or Xbox One, simply scaled down for mobile devices.

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