Turkey's unemployment rate remains steady at 10.9 percent in 2017



Delaware's unemployment rate stands at 4.4%, while the nation's is 4.1%.

Job growth improved in the December to February period posting average monthly gains of +4,400 jobs, an increase over the prior three-month period (September to November 2017) with average monthly gains of +3,100 jobs.

Total non-farm employment in the county increased by 11,500 jobs, according to the state, leaving the total non-farm workforce at 1,463,700.

The state says the number of people employed in North Carolina has increased by about 78,000 over the year, and the number of unemployed has decreased.

A standout in job growth last month was construction, which added 2,900 jobs last month and 5,200 year-over-year to reach 81,800.

MA added 39,100 jobs in the year from from February 2017 to February 2018.

Counties with the lowest unemployment rates are: Shelby County at 3.1 percent, Cullman County at 3.6 percent, and Marshall, Madison and Blount Counties at 3.7 percent.

The report included the unadjusted unemployment rates of various cities and localities in the county.

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The rate stayed steady as a slight drop of 2,000 employment positions among county residents was offset by a slight drop of 2,000 in the labor force to 5,143,000.

The jobless reading after seasonal adjustments last month gained 0.02 percentage points to 3.7 percent. Over the year, Government lost 1,300 (-0.3 percent) jobs.

Alabama's non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 4.3 percent. Hawaii had the lowest rate at 2.1 percent.

Overall employment in the state increased by 7,400 to 3,068,200, according to place of residence survey data. This measures the share of the population that is neither employed nor actively seeking work.

Some economists say much of North Carolina's slow economic recovery has come from piggybacking on the US recovery, or that the biggest factor in the labor force increase has been people moving into the state - particularly Charlotte and the Triangle - in hopes of finding work.

"Ohio is continuing to see positive job growth path, yet an unchanged labor force participation rate is concerning as it shows some individuals are discouraged from job searching", said Andrew J. Kidd, an economist at The Buckeye Institute, said in a news release. Construction fell 0.8 percent (-100 jobs), a smaller loss than in recent months.

Sohn added that the information sector's decline likely has been impacted by a labor shortage, adding that the talent pool of comparatively young information professionals in the Bay Area has all but dried up.

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