After Fatal Uber Incident, Nvidia Defers Autonomous Car Testing On Public Roads

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Following the incident, Uber suspended its self-driving testing program in all cities, and earlier today the Governor of Arizona suspended Uber's right to test automated vehicles in the state pending the NTSB and NHTSA's investigations.

Nvidia says that in addition to being a safer way to test the technology for self-driving cars, the DRIVE Constellation also allows for faster testing; collecting data from billions of miles on virtual roads and innumerable scenarios in much less time than self-driving cars could gather on the road.

Nvidia is now attempting to bring the same type of technology to a wider range of companies that use the Drive autonomous computing platform.

To no surprise, the simulation is powered by NVIDIA GPUs. Driving commands are fed back into the simulator, creating a feedback loop that can be used to validate algorithms. The promise is to move self-driving auto testing off the public roads and into data centers before the technology is proven out.

The simulation software generates "photoreal data streams", simulating things like varying weather conditions (rainstorms, snowstorms), blinding glare at different times of day, reduced visibility at nighttime, different terrains and road surfaces. Risky situations can be scripted in simulation to test the autonomous car's ability to react, without ever putting anyone in harm's way.

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Teradata consultants will have access to NVIDIA training materials, support resources and technology tools to ensure customers are successful with their AI solutions enabled by the NVIDIA AI computing platform.

Last week, Toyota also halted its self-driving auto testing.

Certain statements in this press release including, but not limited to, statements as to: the benefits, impact, performance, uses and abilities of NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation, NVIDIA DRIVE Sim software and NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI; and the availability of NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to be materially different than expectations.

Today at GTC 2018, NVIDIA introduced its new cloud-based system for testing autonomous vehicles using a photorealistic simulation, NVIDIA DRIVE Sim software.

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