Roseanne Barr Reveals Why a 'Roseanne' Revival Didn't Happen Sooner

As ABC gets ready to premiere nine-episode revival on Tuesday night the controversial funny lady says she would welcome an invitation to the White House

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At the Paley Center New York, she was clad in black dress with a black shawl and black gloves with grey sneakers. While fans had grown used to seeing Becky (Lecy Goranson/Sarah Chalke) and Mark (Glenn Quinn) together, as well as David (Johnny Galecki) and Darlene (Sara Gilbert), Roseanne revealed that the pairings were reversed in reality. 'It got a lot of attention.

Goodman also talked about the decision to address politics on the series, explains that "because things that affect families in middle America, they're going to affect us and we want to be not demonstrating but just showing how it affects a family who is living paycheck to paycheck, how they handle these things, and how much they have to forget just to get through the day". She goes, "Oh, John's in".

Roseanne Barr would be happy to screen the new Roseanne reboot for Trump in the White House, the actress told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday.

Kimmel told Roseanne he was "shocked" over Roseanne's previously-stated support of the commander-in-chief, as he knew her as 'a very socially liberal person in general'.

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"For some reason I thought I read something years ago that Roseanne said she didn't want to touch the original so I had assumed for all these years there was no way to do it", Gilbert said.

Listen carefully or you'll miss where Jerry Garcia lives, but you won't lose track of the political discussion that seems to have fueled the great divide between sisters. "When John did the [talk] show and he said he would do it in a heartbeat, it just made me reconsider". "Our energy together was very girly and it was just kind of amusing to see the traits that we have in common and our differences and all that stuff".

She asked Kimmel if he would prefer if Trump's Vice President Mike Pence - controversial for many of his own views and actions - were to sit in the big chair.

"You want Pence for the friggin' President?"

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