The Odell Beckham Jr. saga continues

Odell Beckham Jr. is being pursued by the LA Rams

Odell Beckham Jr. is being pursued by the LA Rams

Beckham, who reportedly wants $20 million per year from the Giants on a new contract, has been the subject of much speculation at the 2018 National Football League owners meetings, primarily because of the tepid endorsements he has received thus far from the people in charge of running the Giants. "We all understand that there are certain ways we need to act and certain things we don't want to be doing".

In fact, Beckham may fall out with Gettleman before he's even played a single game for his new general manager.

It referred to two recent reports - one by NFL Network that Beckham would not take the field this year without an extension to his current contract, and another by the New York Daily News saying the Los Angeles Rams were pursuing a trade for Beckham.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, who is in his first offseason with the team, was asked on Tuesday if he wants Beckham to remain in NY in 2018. "We're not shopping him around".

Giants coach Pat Shurmur says he expects Odell Beckham attend off-season workouts when they start in April.

An interesting dynamic is certainly being set within this Beckham situation.

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"My responsibility's to create a locker room atmosphere where they want to be there and they can focus on their work". This is a full purchase, and on top of the trade price, a new contract will have to be agreed.

"He's on the team right now", Gettleman repeated. "I'm looking forward to working with him", Shurmur said. He could find himself in Cleveland this year, or staying with NY for the foreseeable future.

That doesn't mean Marty Hurney shouldn't give Gettleman a call: it means Beckham is likely too rich for the team's blood.

If Shurmur learns more and likes more about Webb in the coming weeks, the Giants - already committed to at least one more year, and perhaps more, of Eli Manning - are not going to take a quarterback with their coveted first-round pick.

Unless someone makes the Giants a godfather offer I can't see him leaving town. In addition, his notorious behavior on-and-off the field that many have criticized over and over.

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