Coalition warns Iran as Saudi foils missile raid

New national security adviser John Bolton is known for his hawkish confrontational approach

New national security adviser John Bolton is known for his hawkish confrontational approach Credit AP

A missile attack this week on Riyadh has raised the risk of an escalation in the Yemen war in a region riven with interwoven conflicts, but a direct confrontation between arch-foes Saudi Arabia and Iran still appears unlikely. Le Drian's comments came days before an official visit to France by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Shi'ite Houthis, who control northern Yemen, deny close ties to Iran, and have insisted in the past that missiles fired at Saudi Arabia are part of Yemen's pre-war stockpile, and retaliation for Saudi airstrikes. One of the missiles caused the war's first casualties in the Saudi capital Riyadh when falling debris struck a home and killed an Egyptian man and injured two others.

While Iran has backed Shia Houthi rebels, Britain has continued to supply arms to Saudi Arabia, drawing strong and sustained criticism from rights groups due to alleged war crimes committed by the Saudi-led military coalition. It's mere propaganda to boost the threat of Iran and the Houthis.

"(He) may leverage the recent Houthi missile attacks to strengthen his narrative that Iran's encroachment is undermining regional stability and that a more concerted worldwide effort is needed to contain Iran".

Iran has repeatedly denied arming the Huthis in Yemen, despite claims by the United States and Saudi Arabia that the evidence of an arms connection is irrefutable.

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Referring to the 2015 agreement, Halevi said: "Beyond the problems in the nuclear field and that I will not get into in detail, as a result of this agreement, since it was signed, Iran has been more daring" in supporting terrorism in the Middle East by providing arms, particularly missiles, to hostile entities in the area.

The independent watchdog said it examined a fiberglass-encased bomb, packed with explosives, and found a type of Chinese-manufactured wire covering used in other Iranian materiel. This is the only way to stop the Houthis and the Iranian Regime from taking hold of Yemen. "He tried to convince me that Israel should attack Iran".

In a Tuesday statement, Iran's Foreign Ministry said that the Saudi rulers can not cover up their repeated defeats in Yemen by levelling accusations against others.

Western countries have urged Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies to protect civilians and find a quick end to Yemen's war.

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