State leaders' action on elections is 'reprehensible'

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Judge denies extending deadline for WI special elections

After three judges rejected his request, Walker has chose to abandon court action. Instead, it would bar special elections after the spring primary in years when the legislative seat would be normally filled. In January, the Democrat Patty Schachtner defeated the Republican Rep. Adam Jarchow in a special election for an open seat in a deeply red state Senate district in northwest Wisconsin.

Editor's note: This story will be updated. The vacancies were created in late December when Rep. Keith Ripp, R-Lodi, and Sen.

Both Legislators retired in December of last year, almost a year before the next election. A judge on that court also refused to grant a delay. While some first responders are already treating pets at emergency scenes, they put themselves at professional risk while providing care as their actions are illegal under state law. "The Legislature has indicated they are done".

The offices of both Speaker Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald did not respond to the requests for comment.

"Representative government and the election of our representatives are never "unnecessary, ' never a 'waste of taxpayer resources, ' and the calling of the special elections are as the Governor acknowledges, his 'obligation" to follow by virtue of (state statute)", read the court order from Judge Reilly, which declared that Walker "has an obligation to follow the law just as do we".

Reilly issued his ruling hours after the Department of Justice appealed two Dane County judges' decisions on the case.

According to Shilling, the motivation for Walker and the Republicans to delay the elections is political. "The Republican-led efforts to prevent court-ordered special elections from being held is the height of corruption and the public should not accept this abuse of power".

The judge criticized Governor Walker.

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"I am not ruling on what the law might be in the future", Niess said Tuesday.

Fitzgerald said people would still have representation since Assembly and Senate districts overlap. Walker had argued that the issue was moot since the legislature planned to change the law.

The move has drawn criticism with some Democrats calling it "legislative gymnastics" as well as 'crooked as a bag of snakes'.

The state Justice Department asked the 2nd District Court of Appeals on Wednesday morning to give Walker until April 6 to call the elections.

Reynolds was not available Tuesday, so Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess, who was appointed by Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle in 2004, was holding the hearing.

The Walker Administration warned the Wisconsin Supreme Court that they would likely file an appeal. The Senate is returning on April 4 to vote on a bill that would prohibit any special legislative elections this year.

The seats were vacated in December when two members made a decision to join his administration. "The election could have been scheduled for the spring election and there would have been none of this confusion you're talking about".

"Keep the elections on the same time, and remember that your military are protecting us at all times and they should have a little extra edge perhaps to get their ballots in on time", Richardson said.

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