That Didn't Take Long... ABC Renews The 'Roseanne' Reboot For Another Season

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ABC Has Renewed "Roseanne" Because Duh

The giant numbers for the sitcom even caught the attention of President Trump, who called Roseanne Barr to personally congratulate her.

Unsurprisingly, it met with the approval of US President, Donald Trump.

Ms. Barr later shared several links involving law enforcement initiatives targeting human trafficking, including a White House statement that touted hundreds of recent arrests and another proclaiming April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

"I've known him for many years and he's done a lot of nice things for me over the years", Ms. Barr said. Select All dug into this in December of a year ago, explaining that the whole thing originates on 4chan with a user named Q, who managed to convince other users that he was a high-level government official tasked with leaking information to Trump's supporters online.

Barr's tweet was initially me with widespread confusion, with New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeting simply, "What?"

"She's talking about jobs and the economy and how her family nearly lost her house and President Trump was actually talking about jobs", Meghan McCain stated on "The View" Thursday.

Many journalists and other users on Twitter began questioning the source and legitimacy for this claim, ultimately discovering that it was based on a combination of conspiracy theories and a few factual reports. Twitter users noted that Barr has mentioned Q in past tweets as recently as November.

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But Barr also has a reputation for boosting far-right conspiracy theories.

Numerous actress' followers were puzzled by the tweet and questioned the validity of her statement. Watch out Fox, real competition.

To another two years of internet drama!

"Where is the evidence for this????" Name times and places please.

However, Barr came back into the conversation on Saturday morning, joining in on a thread with her fans who were still discussing the controversy. "I know so many people who have mixed families ... Moving on", she wrote in a tweet late Friday.

The show prominently features Barr's politics as a Trump supporter, while other members of her on-screen family tend to be more liberal. And when you sacrifice that in your life and say I don't think I'm going to lean on somebody else financially that means you've got to get up every day and go work.

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