Russian Federation inquiry: Lawyer jailed for 30 days

President Donald Trump departs the White House in Washington to board Marine One

President Donald Trump departs the White House in Washington to board Marine One

A Dutch lawyer was sentenced to 30 days in prison Tuesday and slapped with a $20,000 fine for lying to special counsel Robert Mueller's never-ending Russian Federation probe; becoming the first person to face jail-time in the DOJ's months-long investigation into foreign meddling in the 2016 election.

Rosenstein's memo was one part of a larger court filing Mueller's office submitted Monday as a defense of its investigative strategy on Manafort so far.

Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann did not request a specific punishment for van der Zwann but he did point out that "the defendant is an attorney who after being explicitly warned about the consequences of lying. went ahead and repeatedly lied to the government".

Mueller's office has so far charged Manafort with dozens of counts related to his work as a top consultant to Viktor Yanukovych, the former president of Ukraine and a pro-Russian strongman.

On Tuesday, Jackson said she recognized that van der Zwaan has been away from his family for months, during which his wife is going through a hard pregnancy.

Van der Zwaan also withheld emails from the special counsel investigation - emails he did not turn over to his law firm at the time for production.

Van der Zwaan pleaded guilty in February to lying to federal investigators about his contacts with Trump campaign official Rick Gates and that Gates had spoken with an unidentified individual.

"Your honour, what I did was wrong".

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The sentencing came just hours after another development in the special counsel's investigation of Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman.

Gates and Manafort were indicted previous year on charges related to laundering tens of millions of dollars and failing to register as agents acting on behalf of a foreign government.

Van der Zwann had faced between zero and six months in prison under sentencing guidelines.

In particular, they argued that prosecutors' knowledge of Manafort's Ukraine work did not arise directly from Mueller's probe but instead grew out of separate Justice Department inquiries dating to 2014. A Deripaska spokeswoman has said the billionaire, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was not offered and did not receive briefings. According to the indictment, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents personally questioned van der Zwaan in November 2017 about his communications with Gates and an unidentified Person A.

Prosecutors have alleged that Manafort and Gates used an offshore account to secretly pay $4 million for the report.

In pleading guilty, he admitted he lied to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents about previous communications with Rick Gates, a Manafort protege who held a senior position in the Trump campaign, and that he also withheld and deleted emails.

Paul Manafort, who led the Trump campaign for several months in 2016, has challenged Mueller's authority and asked a judge to dismiss an indictment charging him with crimes including money laundering conspiracy and false statements.

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