Johnston Press CEO launches new initiatives to close gender pay gap

Credit card frozen in ice

Deadline day: Latecomers to gender pay gap in reporting scramble to meet today's deadline

The Press Association understands that firms who publish their data late, but before April 9, will not face any enforcement action but will be kept on record.

William Reed also revealed a mean bonus pay gap of 28.8 per cent favouring men - although this changes to a 13 per cent gap favouring women when calculated using the median (or middle salary).

Music Business Week also noted that Live Nation has a gender pay gap of 46%.

Cheshire East Council's gender pay gap stands at 14.3%, although Cheshire West and Chester Council's is just 1.9%.

Women's mean hourly rate is 67 per cent lower than men's, which translates as women earning 33p for every £1 that men earn. In Amazon Online UK, for example, the hourly median and mean rate is 17.4 per cent lower for women. Across pay bands, the top quartile is 74%-26% in favour of men.

Introducing mandatory gender pay gap reporting for large employers previous year, which led to Wednesday's deadline, is just one way in which the government is seeking to improve transparency and address the issue, she said.

Councillor Dean Sabri, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Core Support and Strategic Services at Eastbourne Borough Council, said, "I'm proud of where we are in consigning the pay gap to history".

Apple Inc has released a report of their gender pay gap a day before the deadline for British employers with more than 250 staff to report their gender pay gap under new regulations.

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"If we discount from the data the small number of shareholder related bonuses paid during the sample period then mean average bonus gap is eradicated completely".

Sony noted that more than half of new recruits were women during the past year, with more than a third from BAME backgrounds.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Prime Minister Theresa May said the disclosures would make for "uncomfortable reading", but said it was vital the "burning injustice" was tackled. Unilever(UL), Toyota (TM), Mars and BP (BP) say women in specific divisions were paid more than their male colleagues.

Sam Smethers, the society's chief executive, said gender pay gap reporting is a game changer in terms of workplace culture and practices.

By selecting a sample of teenagers, the author hoped to sample the pay gap at the least affected point possible. There are also more men in leadership positions, which pay more.

At CNN's bureau in London, the mean gap showed women were paid slightly more on average. Bonus payments to men and women are compared, too.

Under an Obama-era rule finalized in September 2016, companies employing more than 100 people, and federal contractors that employed more than 50 people, would have had to report detailed salary information to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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