Donald damns DACA to hell: Trump passes over the Easter spirit

Trump threatens Democrats, Mexico over DACA and border security

President Trump Tweetstorm On Immigration Follows Easter Greeting

Tuesday, Trump called for the U.S.armed forces to patrol the border, which may be illegal under US law. He said Republicans should enact "tougher laws now". Trump says NAFTA is bad for the U.S.

In a series of tweets, the president said he would not make a deal for Dreamers, claiming that undocumented immigrants are pouring into the US because they want in on the act.

"The Democrats have really let them down", said President Trump. President Donald Trump insisted Democrats were to blame for a lack of action on DACA. Racist hatred, not any concern -even if ridiculously off-base- for the security of the nation, is what really fuels the risky temper tantrums of the aging White House occupant.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, chided Trump over the tone of the tweets. In the town of Ixtepec, more than 1,500 men, women and children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala waited in a sweltering warehouse on Saturday, mattresses rolled and bags packed, as local authorities and immigration officials from Mexico's federal government organised 15 buses to take them to their next stop on the long journey north.

"And now people are taking advantage of DACA and that's a shame". The $1.3 trillion funding package included $1.6 billion in border wall spending, but much of that money can be used only to fix existing segments, not to build new sections.

Trump has also privately floated the idea of funding the construction of border wall through the Pentagon, arguing it is a national security priority.

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This tweet saying flows of people are coming across the border right now trying to take advantage of DACA-is not true.

"We will be doing things with Mexico, and they have to do it, otherwise I'm not going to do with the NAFTA deal", Trump said. As educational website ThoughtCo reported in August, neither president was required to suspend the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which prevents the use of military force to carry out civilian law enforcement tasks, because troops were predominantly used to assist local police with reconnaissance and "counternarcotics enforcement" until more Border Patrol agents could be installed in their place.

Despite Trump's claims that the wall is necessary to prevent drugs and undocumented immigrants from entering the country, the Department of Homeland Security said in December that illegal crossings are at the lowest levels in almost 50 years. "They need to send in their paperwork as soon as possible and we want to be there to help them do that".

A young mom from Honduras travelling with her daughter in the procession to the U.S-Mexico border tells Buzzfeed, "The crime rate is awful (in Honduras), you can't live there".

Last month, Senator Angus King, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, said Trump's rejection of that offer was the "high-water mark" for the wall's prospects in Congress, where support for it is tepid at best.

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