You may be able to control future Apple iPhones without touching them

IOS 11.4 beta 1

Apple Seeds iOS 11.4 Beta 1 to Registered Developers

The videos are short and sweet, at just about a minute long each, and while some of the more tech-savvy people out there may not find them particularly informative, they serve as a nice segue for those just now getting an iPad.

The new gesture control allows iPhone users to perform tasks without touching smartphone's screen and this could add another layer of controls on top of Apple's 3D Touch. Assumptions are that Apple may not be ready to mass produce such iPhones for the next two years. Unlike the display on the Samsung Galaxy S9, this new iPhone's display will curve from inwards from top to bottom (kind of like a banana). Apple is also working on new screen technology, known as MicroLED, but that's at least three to five years away, Bloomberg News reported last month. The curves will presumably be a lot more noticeable than the slightly curved display on the bottom of the iPhone X.

In its report, Bloomberg notes that both features are only in an experimental phase and that they may not necessarily come to new iPhones.

The work comes as the California-based smartphone pioneer looks to make its gadgets stand out.

To stay ahead, Apple needs compelling new features and designs. What's more is that it takes into consideration the fingers proximity from the screen.

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Apple likes to explore new possibilities with its iPhones, and if the latest reports are true, the Cupertino giant might be looking at some standout features for future iPhones.

While Apple hasn't introduced touchless gestures in the past, companies like Samsung and Motorola have.

Air Gestures, on the other hand, rely on a motion sensor in the phone's bezel. The touchless gesture control is something that's been implemented in Samsung phones already but Apple's design seems to work on a different principle entirely.

Google is also working on technology using gestures through a program called Project Soli. Now, more than a decade later the company is planning to explore possibilities beyond touching glass screens all the time.

Moreover, Apple is also working on a new display that will replace current OLED display.

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