'Black Panther' to overtake 'Titanic' in all-time domestic box office gross

A still from Black Panther poster. Image Source

A still from Black Panther poster. Image Source

This weekend the film passed director James Cameron's "Titanic" becoming the third highest-grossing USA film of all time. It has now taken in $1.237 billion worldwide, making it the third highest-grossing superhero of all time worldwide behind both Avengers films.

Ryan Coogler's little film that could finished Friday with $659.3 million, trailing Titanic by only $.2 million - a number which it has now surpassed according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Black Panther", Marvel's superhero blockbuster will help open the first movie theater in Saudi Arabia on April 18, ending a 35-year ban on cinemas. To be fair, none of the totals have been adjusted with inflation in mind, and Titanic was released in 1997.

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It's yet another honor for "Black Panther", which has already broken several box-office records and reached $1 billion globally since coming to theaters last month.

The success of "Black Panther" is more impressive, considering it opened February 15. The Best Picture victor starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio has amassed $2.2 billion worldwide across its various theatrical runs, while Black Panther trails with an estimated $1.3 billion through Sunday. "Black Panther" marks Marvel's first film to be directed by an African-American. It was Cameron's own Avatar that finally bested the box office record in 2009, and then Star Wars: The Force Awakens stole the title in 2015.

It's rare that solo films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are such big box office hits, as opposed to the huge multi-hero franchises like the Avengers films.

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