Baby Born Four Years After Parents Died In Car Accident

Baby born in China four years after parents’ death

Baby is born in China four years after parents died in car crash

Four years after the death of a Chinese couple, their child was born to a surrogate mother, according to Chinese media. Since the service is illegal in China, they had to look overseas, eventually hiring an agency and settling on Laos, where surrogacy is not prohibited.

According to The Beijing News the newborn baby boy's parents were tragically killed in a crash in Yixing in Jiangsu province in March 2013 and had been undergoing fertility treatment before they died.

Baby Tiantian was born in December 2017, four years after his parents died in a auto crash in Jiangsu.

Their parents fought a drawn-out legal battle to gain access to the couple's fertilised embryos, kept in a hospital in the eastern city of Nanjing. After finally being granted custody of the embryos in January 2017, both sets of parents travelled to Laos to find a mother as surrogacy in illegal in China.

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The couple's parents were overjoyed as their children's bloodline was extended through the birth of their grandson, the newspaper reported on Monday. After a complicated three-year legal battle-it involved suing each other, per the Times-they won. But a new problem arose because no airline was willing to transport the special containers, like hot, liquid nitrogen, into which the embryos were kept.

Then there was the issue of citizenship and the surrogate had to travel to China on a tourist visa to give birth to the baby to ensure Chinese citizenship.

The little boy's full name is not known although he has been nicknamed "Tiantian", which means "sweet" in Mandarin.

The four grandparents-in-waiting eventually chose to enlist the services of a surrogacy agency in Laos, where it is legal. The new grandparents had to carry out DNA tests to prove their relationship to Tiantian and keep custody. "We will definitely tell him what happened -- what choice do we have?"

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