The Walking Dead: Giant walker horde teases season 9

Negan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

AMCNegan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

Fear the Walking Dead returned for its fourth season last night after the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead. But Carl's letter has been weighing heavily on his old man.

Rick will certainly punish Maggie if she goes through with her plan to kill Negan. Just not enough to kill him, inexplicably giving Rick some surgeon-like accuracy with a hunk of broken glass. I'm fed up of Governor and Negan-types strutting around with their boundless charisma; let's go for something unknowable and unthinkable to truly give us an insight into how society has collapsed - and just how far Rick and the gang are willing to go.

Back at the Hilltop, Tara and the Saviors who turned their back on Negan receive help from Aaron and the women of Oceanside when the latter shows up to help defend the community from a group of Negan's people. Or do they? Before the series spends it's final few scenes flashing forward to the future, we see a wide shot of Rick sitting against the tree where he just took down Negan.

Back at the Hilltop Maggie sits in her office with Jesus, discussing her disappointment with Rick's decision to keep Negan alive. "And anyone that can't live with that will pay the price".

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"The other exciting thing for us in having those moments with Rick, Jesus, and Carol is that these are three people who Morgan has spent a long, long time being close to", Ian added. The book in Maggie's possession, "A Key to the Future", is mentioned, with our main reformed Savior telling the Hilltop leader that he intends to use it to build what they need to continue to thrive.

In a makeshift hospital room, Rick told a recovering Negan he would "rot in a cell", echoing the comic books. Daryl overheard the conversation and agreed.

"You can hide, but you can't run", Rick tells Morgan - who immediately proves him wrong by picking a random direction at a crossroads and literally begins to run in that direction. To many viewers, it looked like Negan was going to die. "So I think it is ultimately a story about restraint rather than revenge and love rather than hate, which has always been integral to our show". At the end of Robert Kirkman's "All Out War" story arc, Team Rick wins.

The decision to allow Negan to live was arguably a smart choice for the series for a number of reasons, but mainly because the death of Carl served as a massive adjustment from the comic books and killing Negan instead of putting him in a cell would have been another huge shift away from the original source material. It's still unclear whether the shows new changes will benefit or if it will grow to feel too similar to "The Walking Dead". That Georgie bartered for music suggests the new Walking Dead may not only be calmer and more expansive in its view of the world, but also more strategic and more cultured. If a deal isn't reached soon, the writers may have to consider killing off Maggie quite early into season 9. Will Daryl actually turn against his "brother" Rick? Rick told Negan about how they needed to cooperate and achieve peace, somethingCarl told Rick when he was dying and that it needed to be done.

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