BMW iX3 concept unveiled at Beijing Motor Show

Say hello to the iX3, BMW's 'first' electric car

BMW iX3 concept unveiled at Beijing Motor Show

BMW came out fighting with its range of electric vehicles when the "i" sub-brand was launched.

BMW has unveiled its much-promised all-electric iX3 SUV at the Beijing motor show today. Well, yes it has but BMW makes the point that the i3 is specifically an i-badged model, so part of the quasi-experimental i-range, whereas the iX3, in spite of having i in its name, is part of the "core" BMW brand line-up, so is kinda technically BMW's first electric auto.

The BMW Concept iX3 represents another milestone on the road to locally emission-free driving under the BMW Group's electrification strategy. The future series-production version of the electrically powered SAV will therefore also benefit from the technological basis underpinning the powertrain of the BMW iNext, due to be presented in 2021.

The technologies on board the iX3 include eDrive facilities. It comprises an electric motor, transmission and power electronics into a new, separate electric drive unit. The operating area, poundage, packaging space, and flexibility come courtesy of the fresh introduction of new technologies too.

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There has been no push to create a radical design, though - a decision which distances the iX3 and its future stablemates from BMW's less traditional i3 and i8 models. Another notable element is that the electric motor does not need any rare earths, which means the BMW Group is not dependent on their availability. Thus BMW is not dependent upon access to such materials for its electric motors. The eDrive components for these vehicles are supplied by production facilities in Dingolfing (Germany), Shenyang (China) and Spartanburg in the US. A pleasurable ride, the iX3 exerts a power output of 200 kW/270 hp. The grille, side skirts, and diffuser lend the main accents to the body of the vehicle. The same is true of the concept's special "aerodynamically optimised" alloy wheels.

The iX3 Concept comes with the fourth-generation BMW battery pack, which delivers y0 kWh and is set to offer north of 250 miles per charge.

BMW hasn't released photos of the interior. Like the one used by the Audi e-tron, the i3X's battery is said to have been designed with 150kW fast-charging stations in mind, making a full charge possible in just 30 minutes thanks to clever battery cooling and temperature control technology.

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