Google rolls out the new redesigned Gmail for everyone



With an eye on business users, Google is adding a "confidential mode" to Gmail that lets you restrict how an email can be forwarded, copied, downloaded, or printed.

Gmail has received a new look and a lot of changes as it was lacking behind several professional mailing platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Zoho etc. Google made a decision to give Gmail more professional look for which it has developed the new user interface and features for Gmail, the last time any such major changes were done in 2013.

One of the most exciting new features is a "confidential mode" that prevents people from copying, forwarding, downloading and printing the emails you send them.

You just tap the cogwheel for settings in the upper right corner and select "Attempt the new Gmail". When you get the new Gmail, you will also be able to create tasks from emails by dragging and dropping, although we'll have to wait and see how exactly that works. What did surprise me while trying out the new service ahead of today's launch, though, is that some features that didn't get a lot of attention in the leaks, including the new consistent sidebar with its built-in Google Calendar, Tasks and Keep integration, are maybe among the most useful of the additions here.

You can turn on the confidentiality mode while writing a mail.

What new stuff can you do? It's also bringing over "nudging", where your Gmail will attempt to intelligently make suggestions for tasks that you need to do, such as reply to a certain email that has languished in your inbox for a week. The redesigned Gmail for web introduces a confidential mode as well as a new snooze button, nudging and smart replies feature alongside a general visual redesign. Instead of simply showing you the standard paperclip in your inbox to signify that an email chain includes an attachment, the new Gmail now highlights the attachments right underneath the message preview in the inbox view.

"We've revisited some of the fundamentals of email security to make everyone's data safe", explained Jacob Bank, product manager of Gmail.

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Reminders for emails you haven't responded to. The new settings do not intervene with corporate email retention policies or present new hurdles to law enforcement.

Oh god, change! Is there anything worse than when something you use every day is changed by the developers and it upsets your routine? As for the iOS and Andriod apps, they are still waiting for the updates with the new features. These new features are some of the biggest changed to come to Gmail for web in a really long time.

Since many email hacks start with low-tech phishing scams, Gmail is adding large color-coded warnings on any suspicious emails.

As the sender, the content will remain in your inbox, securely encrypted, and you can revoke access at any time.

Gmail is taking aim at what Google calls Business Email Compromise threats.

What are you most excited to see in the new Gmail?

To start clearing out some of that inbox clutter, Gmail will now recommend mailing lists to unsubscribe from, based on how often you get these mass mailings versus how often you actually read them.

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