Would Israel Attack S-300 Air Defenses in Syria?

2018 Ariel Schalit      
                                               Amos Yadlin

2018 Ariel Schalit Amos Yadlin

The Russian military indicated on Wednesday it will supply the Syrian government with a sophisticated air defense system following Moscow's condemnation of the missile attack launched by the United States, Britain and France earlier this month.

Transferring upgraded air-defense systems to Syria could be seen as an escalation by neighboring Israel and raises the risk of Israeli attacks.

According to Rudskoi, the flight paths of the missiles and the capabilities of the Syrian air defenses, which mostly depend on Russian technology, shows that they were destroyed in five interception areas located to the west and the east of capital Damascus.

Responding to Russia's claims of USA missiles failing in the Syria strike and the capture of downed missiles, something the Pentagon has denied, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told Business Insider "both claims are completely and totally untrue". The organization cannot determine which party was responsible for chemical use, and can only say whether they were or were not used.

"I think Russians have no reason to seek friction with us, and we are not looking for friction with them", he said.

On the other hand, head of the United States military's Central Command (CENTCOM), which is responsible for U.S. activities in the Middle East, arrived in Israel to meet with senior Israeli officials for talks expected to focus on Syria and Iran. "The French leader was very close to saying foreign presence there should remain permanent for building new Syria", Lavrov said.

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The delivery of advanced air defense systems to Syria, such as the Russian-made S-300 would mark a major change in Syria's defense capabilities. However, this was only limited to Russian military bases.

Russian Federation said the attacks removed all hurdles for providing Syria with the much better S-300.

"Russian experts will continue to train Syrian military servicemen, particularly teaching them to use the new missile defense systems that are planned to be delivered to Syria in the near future", he said.

"This is why we opposed so resolutely the Iran deal, because it gives Iran a clear path to a nuclear arsenal", Netanyahu said.

The S-300 PMU-2 "Favorite" version of the anti-aircraft systems will be provided to the Syrians for free and very soon, the Kommersant reported.

"Unfortunately, as the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum noted in a recent report, the situation on the ground is getting even worse in Syria, and the worst is probably yet to come".

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