YouTube Kids adding human curated channel collections, more parental restrictions

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YouTube noted that the flagged content remains live when it doesn't violate its community guidelines. Image source Reuters

YouTube is finally giving parents that use its "Kids" app more control over the videos their little ones can stream.

There will be three new YouTube Kids safety features rolling out this year, with the first slated to arrive sometime this week. In addition to the comments, some YouTubers were posting disturbing and sometimes violent videos with keywords targeting kids. This will let parents select trusted channel collections and topics for their kids to watch. He added that the YouTube Kids app was meant "to give kids around the world a place to access videos that were enriching, engaging and allowed them to explore their endless interests". The app has since been made safer with human curation, killing of inappropriate content, and flagging of age-restricted videos before reaching the Kids app.

Collections by trusted partners and YouTube Kids: Starting this week, our partners and the YouTube Kids team will offer collections of trusted channels on a variety of subjects from arts & crafts and music to sports, learning, and so much more.

Jennifer Harris, the mother of a middle schooler, told CNBC that she used to make her son show her every video he wanted to watch on YouTube Kids before it started.

In an interview to The Daily Telegraph, Susan Wojcicki, Chief Executive of the Google-owned video-sharing site, said that "bad actors are exploiting" YouTube to "mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm".

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One of these changes is using people, instead of computers, to decide what videos are appropriate for the YouTube Kids app. It may be labourious, but with this new feature you'll be able to lock down what the kids are watching to only what you have pre-approved.

The old, existing version will still be available, with YouTube promising "to fine-tune, rigorously test and improve our filters for this more open version of our app". This feature will be rolled out later this year.

"By the end of the year, we plan to refine our reporting systems and add additional data, including data on comments, the speed of removal, and policy removal reasons." .

In a bid to give parents more control, YouTube Kids on Thursday announced three new features around the content available in the app. Now, YouTube is giving all parents that level of control within the app.

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