Snapchat releases AR selfie games called Snappables

A Snapchat Snappables filter

Above A Snapchat Snappables filter Image Credit Screenshot via YouTube

While there have been some wacky implementations of its augmented reality (AR) technology in the past, the firm is taking that technology and applying to something new by introducing Snappables. According to the company, Snappables will have a special goal in the upcoming augmented reality games. The games are found in the same spot where Lenses are located on the Snapchat app, and include a basketball game, an aliens game and one Snappable that has players start a rock band. New Snappables will release every week.

Snappables can be controlled by using touch, motion, and facial expressions.

The company claims that Snappables is a new form of interactive Lenses through which Snapchatters can share experiences and play together in AR anytime and anywhere.

Other Snappables are more game-like. After tapping on the Lenses, the users will have to follow the on-screen directions and they can also choose various Snappables lenses to start off with and can invite their friends too to play along.

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However, as per TechCrunch, this is not the first time the Snapchat has launched a selfie game. There's one game that is basically a virtual weight-lifting session using eyebrows.

Android Police pointed out that Snappables appear to be Snap's latest endeavor to maintain growth and attract new users now that its rivals have copied its core features, like Stories and ephemeral messages.

Finally, we see Snappables as just the very beginning of a new type of AR experience on Snapchat.

A Snap spokesperson did not respond to a question about whether or not developers are now able to create Snappable filters, or when they will be able to do so.

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