Trump to visit Britain, hold talks with May on July 13

Apple CEO Tim Cook attends the China Development Forum 2018 in Beijing

Apple CEO Tim Cook attends the China Development Forum 2018 in Beijing

The delay has raised questions about the U.S. -UK relationship, and the working visit signals a more low-key affair than an official state visit.

Downing Street and the White House had hoped to co-ordinate releasing details of the trip, but Mr Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders apparently let slip the information first.

"He uses it a lot more often more recently", a senior White House official said of the President's cell phone.

With the Mr Trump's mother hailing from the Western Isles and the US President owning two golf resorts in Scotland, speculation has focused on the possibility of a visit north of the border.

Since then, however, tensions have persisted between the two governments, including over Trump's criticism of London's mayor, his tweets about a bombing in London, and his retweets of an extreme right-wing British group. It will include meetings with May and her aides, who are eager to begin talks on a new trade agreement with the U.S. as Britain nears its exit from the European Union.

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An anti-Trump campaign in London has been building up since the US President retweeted a string of unverified anti-Islamic videos posted by far-right group Britain First earlier this year.

However, it is thought he scrapped the visit over fears of mass protests in the capital, something that is also believed to have played a part in the postponement of a state visit. Anarchists rioted in Hamburg during his stop at the G20 meetings, but that's standard for those types of summits.

While Cook has called Trump policies around DACA and immigration into question, his company embraced the Trump tax plans, making an announcement in January that it would invest $350 billion in the USA, open a fourth headquarters in the country, and give most employees one-time $2500 stock bonuses. Aides in Washington and London had commenced initial talks for the short stopover.

In January 2016, about a year before becoming President, Trump said at a rally that if he became President, he would get "Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of other countries".

"Bad deal", he wrote on Twitter.

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