White House takes questions at Take Your Kid to Work Day

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

But White House press secretary Sarah Sanders will be there in his place.

As part of the April 26 Take Your Child to Work Day, the White House hosted the children of the press corps, which meant it was just another typical day covering the president of the United States, right?

One child asked why Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey.

The pool report says some parents were allowed inside the Oval Office, despite the kids' - and the president's - decree.

But kids will be kids, so other lines of inquiry included Trump's favorite candy (pink and red Starbursts), favorite animal (elephant), and what advice he had on how to become president one day (don't care what anyone else thinks).

"I think Trump is bad for comedy", she recently told Variety. He also said, "Your parents are being very nice right now, I can't believe it!"

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President Trump treated the children of White House journalists to an Oval Office visit Thursday but left their parents, many of whom he criticizes, outside looking in through the windows.

Along with a briefing, the White House guests were given a tour of the oval office and had the opportunity to meet Trump and get his autograph.

Instead of honestly answering them, the #Press Secretary was said to avoid the questions and kept asking each kid who their parents were.

Then, turning to the students posed on the stairs, he quipped, "See if you can hurry up and replace them". While speaking with reporters, Trump told the media,"Honestly, the children ask me better questions, if you want to know the truth".

"I agree. Come on, let's go", Trump said, clearly pleased to be dealing with reporters who could match his emotional maturity level.

"After President Trump makes America great again, what job will there be for future presidents?"

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