YouTube Kids Bolsters Parental Controls

New You Tube Kids tools to help parents control content

Facebook wants children to take breaks from Messenger Kids

Since the app was released parents have blocked and flagged thousands of videos for being "fake" copies of their kids' favorite cartoon characters.

However, before enforcing such a feature, Facebook urges all the parents to have conversations with their children.

This is something kids are especially susceptible to, as they might lack the self-control adults often learn as they grow up.

YouTube Kids is introducing new features that will give parents greater control over the content their children can access while using the app.

Parents can now block access to the app during certain time periods on specific days.

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You can find the feature on Messenger Kids controls in the main Facebook app.

When active, sleep mode prevents kids from sending or receiving messages or video calls and from playing with the creative camera or receiving notifications. Tap on the child's name, and then on "Sleep Mode" in the App Controls section.

This is really cool for the parents, where they can welcome their next generation to the digital world, and control their stay in the same simultaneously. Messenger Kids doesn't have any advertisements or in-app purchases, and Facebook said it was developed in compliance with COPPA, the law that protects children's privacy online. If they try to use the app, they'll see a message telling them that the app is in Sleep Mode and that they should come back later.

The app is created to be installed on a child's device, with the parent able to control settings from their own Facebook account.

Parents provided feedback to Facebook regarding Messenger Kids that controls to make the app inaccessible during times like dinner or bedtime. "Once you set the limits, the child will not be able to use the app during those hours", Govindarajan wrote. "In addition to all the work our teams are doing behind the scenes to make the experience the best it can be, we're also offering parents even more options to make the right choice for their family and for each child within their family".

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