Palestinians Killed, Hundreds Injured by Israeli Gunfire Since March 30

Palestinian protesters evacuate a wounded woman during clashes with Israeli troops along Gaza's border with Israel Friday

More Violence Hundreds of Palestinians Wounded At Gaza Israel Border Protest

Israeli soldiers shot dead three Palestinians on Sunday after two separate infiltration bids on the Gaza border, the army said. Some carried pistols. After a massive barrage of tear gas did not deter many attackers, Israeli troops responded with rubber bullets and live ammunition, killing three people and wounding others. "Knives and cutters were found in their possessions", the spokesperson said, adding that they were handed to the Shin Bet security service for questioning.

Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Jonathan Conricus described "a massive attempt by dozens of rioters" to breach a border fence less than a kilometer from Israeli civilians.

On reports that Trump might present his Middle East peace deal, which may include financial compensation for Palestinians, Erekat said "this is morally unacceptable and Palestine is neither sold nor bought with money".

This brings to 45 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since border protests began on the 30 March.

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Israel says some of those protesting have tried to damage the border fence or plant explosives along it. Others have hurled improvised explosives and firebombs at soldiers while others have flown kites with burning rags attached to set Israeli fields on fire. For more than a decade the group has tightly controlled Gaza, quashing dissent.

Israel says such a return would destroy its identity as a Jewish state and accuses Hamas of seeking to use the protests as a means of violence.

Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem al-Quds and parts of Syria's Golan Heights during the Six-Day War in 1967.

Political rivals accused Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday of pushing ahead with a rare and disputed national decision-making meeting to tighten his grip on power and sideline them. Palestinians mark the date as their "nakba", or catastrophe.

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