Narendra Modi in Chitradurga, Karnataka, accuses Congress of insulting Dr. BR Ambedkar

Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi govt says constitution under attack by BJP

Narendra Modi in Chitradurga, Karnataka, accuses Congress of insulting Dr. BR Ambedkar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are on their visit to Karnataka to campaign for the party. "On the other side is the Congress party that believes in doing everything for one family", he said.

During an election rally in Chitradurga, Mr Modi said Congress treats Dalits as a vote bank and disregards dalit icon Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

Apart from education and liquor mafia, the mafia of cable, transfer and sand were getting stronger.

In a reference to Tipu Sultan, he said that the party had insulted the people by celebrating the birthdays of sultans.

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Meanwhile, incumbent Chief Minister Siddaramaiah reacting to the accusations of PM Modi said, "If BJP's callous statements on Karnataka were even remotely true, why would we be the No. 1 state in attracting investments for two years in a row?" "Personally, as someone who urged him to join Twitter, I'm delighted by his popularity on this medium as well", he said. "Make it a clean sweep for the BJP and send this chief minister home as he only goes around giving clean chits", Modi told the crowd. No wonder Congress is angry on me and abusing me. If they can not do anything for the welfare of the people, then they should be bidding farewell.

The Prime Minister further targeted Congress for remembering Bhagwan Basaveshwara just before elections.

Addressing a rally in Hubli, the prime minister called out the UPA government on the slow pace of development and said, "In 2011 under Sonia Gandhi's UPA only 59 villages were connected through the optical fibre". That is why now the Congress prefers to mislead people in the name of the Dalit community.

Accusing the Congress of patronising the mining mafia in the southern state, Modi questioned what has been done by the state government in the state to conserve water. The BJP was progressing in politics with the " blessings of people", while the Congress was dividing people, creating rift between brothers and following a divide-and-rule policy, Modi said. They did not congratulate us, the 'Kaamdaars, ' Modi added. "I got it made as our Prime Minister has done good work in a span of four years", said Basvaraj, a tutor in the town some 400 kilometres from state capital Bengaluru. "He loves defending the wrong kind of people", he said.

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