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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. | The Latest: Google adding augmented reality feature to Maps

Google I/O Update: Google Maps 'For You' Section, Augmented Reality Features Announced

"We use machine learning to generate this number, based on a few factors: What we know about a business, the food and drink preferences you've selected in Google Maps, places you've been to, and whether you've rated a restaurant or added it to a list", Google explains in a blog post.

The idea, according to Google Maps Senior Product Manager Sophia Lin, is that "in addition to helping you get where you need to go, we'll help you discover new places to eat and things to do around you". The For You tab will help you to stay on top of all the happenings in the area around you, whether you're in your own neighbourhood or travelling. The feature basically predicts the new restaurants that users will likely prefer based on data about the places they've visited before and frequented in the past.

Google Maps will also have a couple of other useful tools.

Google also wants users to share their recommended dining experiences with their friends, so it is adding a feature that will allow users to long press any restaurant or location to add to a shortlist that they can share with their friends.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. | The Latest: Google adding augmented reality feature to Maps

The new features will debut across multiple platforms through the year. The Google Maps team have even been experimenting with an animated guide character that you can follow, such as the animated fox shown briefly in the demo.

Places will have an automatic "match" score that shows Google's best guess as to how much you'll enjoy them as a percentage. The feature was ultimately made so that users can make "better decision on the go and experience the world in new ways". For this, Explore tab has been provided to look at the details regarding the place of search in the form of a list based on the most searched or relevant ones.

All of these new features will be rolling out to Android and iOS users over the coming months. VPS will help Maps to figure out where you are, what direction you're now pointed in and then help you get where you need to go. You receive directions for the location with the most votes.

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