Microsoft demos phone mirroring and Alexa integration at Build conference

Image Credit Petnet

Image Credit Petnet

At first, the resulting partnership solution seemed like a convoluted way to access data from either Microsoft's Cortana agent or Amazon's wildly popular Alexa assistant. While it's been in development the whole time and remains so, Microsoft gave us a sneak peak on how the effort is coming. You'll still have to use "Hey Google" or "OK Google" as a wake command, which will still bring up the Google Assistant. Amazon and Microsoft had made a declaration previous year that they would be uniting to make their two effective assistants collaborate together. "And we can't wait to see what you build", said Megan Saunders, general manager of Microsoft Cortana. In short, it would seem that Alexa is going to handle "personal" stuff while Cortana's going to handle all the "business". So wouldn't it be great if these assistants could work together and talk with one another? Microsoft showcased early stages of this development on stage at Build 2018.

When we spoke to Rich Suplee, head of Alexa for European Union, recently he said: "Alexa users will be able to access Cortana's unique features like booking a meeting or accessing work calendars - you will be able to read emails too". Cortana very adeptly spoke to Saunders through Echo, read her schedule out stridently, then assisted her send an email to Taylor.

Though the implementation isn't flawless, support for Alexa as the default Android assistant will be a boon for many users.

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The imminent partnership between Alexa and Cortana could be an interesting relationship, in part because Alexa offers hundreds of skills and third-party services that Alexa can tap into. From then on, your apparatus will request that you permit the Alexa program to browse information regarding programs that are in use on the own system, for example information visible on your own monitor or accessible inside the programs. Both Cortana and Alexa will only show up if you have those two apps installed, naturally.

Perhaps the biggest announcement is a new way to link a Windows PC with a smartphone.

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