Kilauea volcano eruption: After lava, Hawaiians brace for acid rain and vog

   ON THE BRINK The erupting Kilauea volcano could be about the blow again

DS ON THE BRINK The erupting Kilauea volcano could be about the blow again

A look at the Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii. If you're within several miles, you could be within range of smaller rocks the size of marbles, he said, and 20 miles downwind "you would see fine ash floating from the sky like snow". The Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency stated in an alert, "Hawaii Fire Department reports extremely high levels of unsafe Sulfur Dioxide gas detected in the evacuation area". Ash can cause eye and breathing irritation, reduce visibility and interfere with electrical lines, the Los Angeles Times reported. They can drift far from the eruption and hang in the air.

Per a report from USA Today, sulfur dioxide will immediately cause respiratory problems at low levels.

Like choking on rotten eggs, fumes. "Last night I had to leave I was choking. and just trying to get out to the. fresh air down the coast".

A higher build up in pressure could raise the potential for a bigger, explosive eruption.

Kilauea, the longest-erupting volcano on the planet, has displaced some 1,700 people and destroyed 36 structures since a shifting flow of underground magma last week burst through the surface in a residential neighborhood about 40 miles from the top of the volcano, unleashing torrents of molten rock and toxic gases.

In describing the role of the new team, the statement from the Ige administration said that "expected steps include addressing the supplies of pentane gas used in the production of geothermal power including options for off-site relocation or controlled leakage or burn".

It would be "very, very hazardous" if a volcanic vent were to open under the facility where the fuel is stored, the governor said.

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Officials expect to finish removing the gas by Thursday.

Trade winds could weaken Thursday and Friday, meaning the vog that's largely been accumulating over the ocean south of the Big Island could pool over a larger portion of it, creating possible health hazards, the National Weather Service says. But some had ignored the order and stayed to watch over their property. There was no sign of holdouts in Lanipuna afterward, he said.

"If the lava continues to recede we may move into a period of these steam-driven explosions", she said of chances of explosive eruptions in the crater if water begins to mix with magma. The residents of the Lanipuna Gardens subdivision, which were also evacuated, are prohibited from accessing their homes due to risky volcanic gases.

At least 26 of those structures are homes, but the agency did not specify the other nine structures that fell victim to the lava.

All of this activity, according to geologists and vulcanologists, is driven by the underground ebb and flow of huge rivers of molten rock called magma - the term for lava before it reaches the surface - and is part of an eruption cycle that has continued almost nonstop on the island for 35 years. Seven private roads and two public roads have been turned impassable by lava flows.

Kelena Kealoha fled the California wildfires for his dream home in Hawaii.

"We're hoping, little by little it can add up and they can recover something of everything they've worked their whole lives for", said Carolyn Miller, a sister.

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