Pence Says Mueller Needs To End The Russia Investigation

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Trump is returning to campaign roots at rally in Indiana

Our administration has been fully cooperating with the special counsel and will continue to. "We're going to find out what Mike Pence knew and when Mike Pence knew it", Scarborough said.

After a year of the Mueller investigation, Pence says it's time to wrap it up.

His remarks came as he and Mr Trump greeted three Americans returning from North Korea after being held there. "Was he lied to or is Mike Pence the one who has been lying to us all this time?"

During the visit, the former IN governor says he'll campaign for Mike Braun, who claimed the Republican nomination IN the race for Democrat Joe Donnelly's U.S. Senate seat Tuesday.

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The vice president was pressed on the news about millions of dollars in payments from companies to President Donald Trump's personal attorney. President Trump announced Tuesday the United States would "withdraw" from the deal. "We hope this implies that is the start of a brand new second, however we can not know that, the president believes, till he sits down, seems to be him within the eye, makes our expectations clear and determines what their intentions are".

Closing the interview, Pence was asked whether the Trump administration is willing to see another war in the Middle East if Iran restarts its nuclear program.

Pressed further for a direct answer, Pence added: "I think it's absolutely imperative, and it's clear that we can not permit Iran to ever obtain a nuclear weapon. I hope that we ended this chapter and that everyone understood", Lieberman added.

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