You Can Now Buy Movie Tickets With Google Assistant

Google releases May security patch update for Pixel and Nexus devices

Google's new Android TV dongle for developers supports 4K, HDR - and you can't buy one

Another interesting feature added in the latest Android version is smart replies.

Android P will pay close attention to you all the time.

Google's Duplex tech, which sees an AI mimic a human voice to make phone calls for you and do things like book an appointment at a hair salon, drew a massive ovation at the company's I/O 2018 conference.

Another feature which is hidden is the split view feature.

Google Photos is gaining new features like the ability to convert photos directly into PDF files; to separate subjects from the background in photos and pop the color or turn the background black and white; or to colorize your older black and white photos.

You will also notice actionable buttons in the app drawer for common tasks, such as opening an app to a specific section or starting a text message to your partner. A single press returns you to the Home screen and a long press invokes the Google Assistant.

The improvements include more natural pauses and other subtleties to help create a more natural dialogue with Assistant.

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Android P is getting smarter and will start suggesting apps and actions for you to take throughout the interface.

"... Our vision for the ideal assistant is that it is naturally conversational, it's there when you need it so that you can get things done in the real world". Gesture Navigations is meant to allow users to navigate the system without needing the old navigation bar.

Today, high-definition displays offering touch-screen navigation, climate control, entertainment and mobile interconnectivity have become the new norm as more of these features become standard. You can switch on the new navigational moves in P by going to Settings System Gestures.

Press the button at the bottom and the App Switcher will be swiped up.

Google Lens, the company's visual search tool, was announced a year ago at I/O for Google's Pixel devices and later rolled out for iOS and other Android devices, awkwardly through the photos app.

Pichai also showed off the TPU 3.0, featuring a server motherboard with tubing connected to chip assemblies. These apps are suggestions based on your recent usage. Once the one hour is up, a popup will inform the user that the limit has been reached. There's also a new Do Not Disturb mode, that hides notifications from the screen as well as silencing them.

During the presentation, Sundar Pichai, the Google's chief, played a recording of the digital assistant's voice while it was freely calling a restaurant and a hairstylist to make a couple of reservations. The company has told us that they will not offer stock Android P builds after the developer preview is over.

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