Georgia officer suspended for traffic stop with 65-year-old grandmother

Police Drag 65-Year-Old Woman From Car During Traffic Stop, Video Shows

Dash-cam Video: Georgia officer suspended for traffic stop with 65-year-old grandmother

You can watch the video below. After initial coaxing, Legg pulled her out, forcing the woman to scream.

According to WSB-TV, "Police said another officer had ticketed Campbell for failing to maintain her lane, and she refused to sign the ticket, which resulted in the officer trying to take her to jail".

Authorities told the station that Officer Michael Swerdlove pulled Campbell over for not staying in her lane.

Then, he physically removes Campbell from the auto, forcefully pulling her. It follows an introduction from the police chief. Legg was one of the officers at the scene. "I will come out for you".

Swerdlove then called for backup and several other officers arrived. Campbell said she's not sure if she will take legal action.

That's when Legg is accused of saying: "You're not in charge". He takes her license and goes back to the auto.

Swerdlove asked Campbell to exit her vehicle, but she refused until his supervisor arrived.

Off-camera, one of the officers says he is going to call a medic, to which she responds by demanding again to see a supervisor.

"As you'll see, this was a complicated issue due to the age of the driver as the officer did not want to hurt her", the chief writes on his Facebook page. Although she denied the traffic violation, the officer issued her a ticket.

Mutepe Akemon, Campbell's attorney, said his client appeared before a magistrate 24 hours after the arrest and pled guilty to disorderly conduct. Ms. Campbell did not obey a lawful command.

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"When I was a teenager, we feared getting pulled over to get a ticket", Campbell said.

"Maybe I should not have used profanity, but its immediate effectiveness is not questionable and I do believe I acted reasonably under the circumstances", Legg wrote.

A grandmother was pulled over in Georgia and then forcefully removed from her vehicle amid shouts and insults all because of a traffic turn. All force ceased and the arrest was now over. After she was pulled over, the almost 15-minute interaction continued to escalate. She stepped out, looked at Legg and responded, "Who are you talking to?"

But there was one cop who "does not reflect who we are". He also yelled profanity at her during the traffic stop.

"We strive to be a transparent department".

She also said she would like for him to get new training; as for herself, she'd like to get an apology.

Alpharetta Police Chief John Robison released the entire 17-minute-long traffic stop and said that being transparent as an agency meant showing the good along with the bad. "There are aspects of the video ... that simply do not represent who we are as an organization". He promised a full investigation and a "decisive and appropriate outcome".

She she doesn't think the officer should be fired.

"I felt violated", Campbell said during an interview with ABC's WSBT. "Unless you're wrong, you're going ask why". In conclusion, I feel my decisions ended a volatile situation quickly with very limited force and got everyone off the highway and back into service.

'I didn't expect that in America.

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