CIA nominee regrets agency undertook harsh interrogation

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Haspel was assured of a favorable vote from the committee, which has an 8-7 Republican majority, when Republican Susan Collins of ME and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced they would support her nomination. But by the time he released the statement, two key swing votes on the committee, Manchin and GOP moderate Senator Susan Collins of ME, had already announced they would vote for Haspel.

But Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., this week announced that after a "tough, frank and extensive discussion", with Haspel, he would join fellow a Democrat, West Virginia Sen. In a POLITICO op-ed Friday, he criticized the Central Intelligence Agency nominee for selectively releasing information about her record of harsh interrogation techniques on detainees and said "that fact alone should be enough to cause the Senate reject her nomination".

Despite criticism of her nomination - including from Republican Senators Rand Paul and John McCain - because of her past ties to the CIA's former rendition, detention and interrogation activities, Haspel is expected to be confirmed by the full Senate as soon as next week.

President Donald Trump's pick to head the CIA says the agency's enhanced interrogation program "is not one the CIA should have undertaken".

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Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain is urging his colleagues to reject Haspel's nomination. "While I won't condemn those that made these hard calls, and I have noted the valuable intelligence collected, the program ultimately did damage to our officers and our standing in the world", Haspel wrote.

Despite his own misgivings with President Trump, Brennan has signaled his support for Haspel on Twitter. "I have serious reservations about this nominee, and I will oppose her". Rodriguez has said publicly that Haspel knew he meant to take the matter into his own hands and issue the order, because he believed he had the authority to do so. "I met with her, I liked her" Heitkamp said. "There's no one in the Senate who has even remotely the credibility he does on an issue of this kind".

Raj Shah, the White House principal deputy press secretary, told reporters Monday that President Trump will lobby senators to confirm Haspel when the president meets with lawmakers Tuesday for lunch on Capitol Hill.

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