Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now

Apple, Again, Grows Its California Self-driving Fleet, It Has the Second Biggest Fleet (Updated) - macReports

Apple now has second biggest fleet of self-driving test cars in California

The DMV has now approved a resounding 53 companies for self-driving auto permits, resulting in 409 autonomous vehicles with 1,573 safety drivers. In addition to California, Waymo tests its cars on public roads in Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia. In March this year, that number was at 45.

San Francisco: With 55 self-driving cars and 83 drivers, Apple now has the second highest number of self-driving cars in the USA state of California where autonomous vehicles are being tested. It started out with just 3 registered cars in April past year, and that number has now expanded to 55.

The self-driving auto permits issued by California's DMV require a safety driver to be on board to grab the wheel at any time. Waymo had the largest gulf between its self-driving auto permits and the number of drivers at 51 vehicles and 338 drivers.

Some other notable entries are Tesla with 39 vehicles and Toyota Research Institute with 11.

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As of now, the DMV has not issued any permits for complete driverless testing because for that to happen, companies must have to have a pre-testing of the vehicles in controlled conditions. In total, the Department has given such permission 53 companies.

Apple's mysterious self-driving auto project is chugging along in the background of all the other stuff it's been doing. That puts it four cars ahead of the latest figures we have for Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving auto division thought to be among the leaders in the sector.

Apple had a tortuous path with the self-driving vehicle technology.

Interestingly, only in June 2017, the head of Apple Tim cook for the first time confirmed that his company has a division that develops technology for Autonomous cars.

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