Israeli, Palestinian Envoys In Angry Exchanges At UN Security Council

Israeli, Palestinian Envoys In Angry Exchanges At UN Security Council

Israeli, Palestinian Envoys In Angry Exchanges At UN Security Council

This week, as the U.S. opened an embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli forces made headlines for killing children and the disabled along its borders.

Thousands of Gaza residents turned out for the funerals of loved ones killed by Israeli troops on Tuesday as protests over the opening of the new USA embassy in Jerusalem resulted in the bloodiest day for Palestinians since the 2014 Gaza conflict.

Mark Regev told BBC's Today Programme he "believes some will very soon", when asked about the possibility of other nations shifting to Jerusalem.

She says that Europe needs to concentrate on finding allies, expanding its strategy, to find a solution.

The opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem is a poignant event for Hamas, which has hoped for years to reclaim East Jerusalem and make it the capital of the Palestinian state.

Countries including the UK, China, France and Russian Federation and countries in the Middle East including Egypt and Saudi Arabia voted in favour of the resolution. Despite the bloodshed, the embassy inauguration went on as planned in Jerusalem.

In the statement, the chairperson expressed deep concern about the prevailing situation in the Palestinian territories, following the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

South Africa has recalled its ambassador to Israel following the bloody crackdown on Palestinian protesters by Israel forces that left at least 59 dead and 2,700 injured either by live gunfire, tear gas or other means.

On 5 March, the president of Guatemala Jimmy Morales announced that he'd be moving his country's embassy on 16 May.

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But US ambassador Nikki Haley told an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council in NY that the relocation of the embassy had nothing to do with the violence and that Israel had the right to defend itself. "It certainly does not serve the cause of peace", said Mladenov via video teleconference from Jerusalem.

The Israeli foreign ministry has said Paraguay is planning to move by the end of the month, according to Reuters.

Hamas said 10 of those killed in Monday's clashes were members of the organisation, though Israel claims that 24 militants were among the fatalities. No Israeli casualties have been reported.

"Israel will no longer hold back from defending its honor and will safeguard its borders and citizens", he wrote.

It also reiterated the UAE's unequivocal position towards the Palestinian cause and its support for the Palestinian people in restoring their legitimate rights in line with global resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

Speaking at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansur condemned what he called "the odious massacre committed by Israel", and spoke of a "crime against humanity".

There have also been reports of support for a move from sections of the government in Romania.

An official with the Israeli embassy in Ottawa told Global News that "all embassies and missions in Israel, including the Canadian embassy, were invited" to the opening of the embassy.

Before a large-scale withdrawal of foreign embassies in 1980, Jerusalem hosted about a dozen embassies.

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