Officially announced the continuation of the cult game STALKER 2


Stalker 2 is in development (again)

A real event for fans of domestic igrostroya happened the day before.

"I can officially declare that GSC Game World is developing S. T".

Finally, it looks like this game will be seeing the light of day after a long nuclear winter. Sergiy Grygorovich, the head of Stalker developer GSC Game World, announced Stalker 2 on Tuesday but the website he linked to is now unavailable.

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The web page indicates that it will be available for gamers in 2021.

Shadow of Chernobyl caught the public imagination, GSC Game World has released two more STALKER instalments - 2008's Clear Sky and 2009's Call of Pripyat - plus 2016's Cossacks 3. In addition, as a source of inspiration for designers was the film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky "Stalker".

Stalker 2 was originally revealed back in 2010, but it didn't get very far before everything-the game and the studio-fell apart. Hopefully, though, with three years in which to make the game, GSC Game World will deliver this time around. A year later, however, the developers announced that they had to suspend the development.

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