Manhattan lawyer filmed threatening Spanish-speaking staff at NY restaurant

Jerk Videotaped Threatening To Call ICE On Two Women Speaking Spanish TO EACH OTHER — Obviously He's A

New York man threatens Spanish-speaking workers in viral video

He threatened to call the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to deport them, assuming that they were unauthorised immigrants merely because of the language they spoke.

The outrage over a video of a New York City attorney ranting against people speaking Spanish in a restaurant he was in has apparently spread to government officials.

Schlossberg has been caught on video in tirades before.

"Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English", he can be heard to say. "They're all New Yorkers and they're all welcome here". In other words, a mariachi band will be performing "La Cucaracha" at his workplace sometime soon (the exact date hasn't been released for fear of attracting counter protests).

Social media users and news outlets identified the man in the recording as Manhattan-based attorney Aaron Schlossberg.

In the video, Schlossberg approaches Morris and immediately begins berating him, demanding to know what country he's from and saying, "I'm a citizen, you're not".

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In the video, he goes up to one of the people filming the incident and says, "Honey, I'm calling ICE" and before ending the outburst with "Maybe you shouldn't eat that sandwich - take a break from the food".

Aaron Schlossberg was identified as the customer who loudly complained that employees at Fresh Kitchen were speaking Spanish to customers - and he threatens to call ICE on everyone after he's laughed out of the coffee shop.

The attorney, who received national scorn for his crude commentary, did call the police after accusing a Daily News reporter and photographer of harassment.

A NY attorney believed to have been seen on videotape berating Spanish-speaking restaurant workers has reportedly been kicked out of his office space. "Defaming me. I can't even move, because they're blocking me". The Yelp listing for his law office was so flooded with thousands of one-star reviews - it had more than 2,900 as of Thursday afternoon - that the company announced it was conducting a "cleanup" of reviews motivated by news and not experiences with the business itself. Some publications, including CNBC and Pix11, named Schlossberg, who according to his law firm bio is fluent in Spanish.

Also. he was reportedly booted from his office space Thursday.

The Congressman filed a formal grievance against Schlossberg with the New York State Unified Court System, and he said he and his office will welcome whatever the disciplinary committee ultimately decides. Check out the wild video of him running away from reporters below!

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