Panthers kicker Graham Gano weighs in on Laurel vs. Yanny debate

ImageThere were a lot of conversations like this online and in person

ImageThere were a lot of conversations like this online and in person

A lot of people took to Twitter to reveal whether they heard Yanny or Laurel in the video.

Highlights include Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway's "It's clearly Laurel... but I could deflect and defer to Yanny if you need me to". Higher frequency sounds in the recording make people hear "Yanny", whereas lower frequencies cause others to hear "Laurel". The talks were sparked after 20-year-old Instagram influencer and self-described YouTuber named Chloe Fledman from Florida shared an audio clip on social media asking what they heard.

It's because the audio clip has two different sounding words at different frequencies. It spread like wildfire after Chloe posted it on Twitter. "If you're not picking up on those higher frequencies then it sounds more like Laurel".

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Ask Panthers kicker Graham Gano and he'll tell you he can hear both simultaneously. The word Yanny, the second frequency, has nearly exactly the same pattern as the L, R, L in Laurel. So, team Laurel wins and whoever got that right can rightfully brag about it. The White House is far from the the first corner of Washington to weigh in on a topic that many have found earresistible.

The internet is mired in another intense perception debate.

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