Are these reaction to the new GDPR sensibly cautious or OTT?

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In the wake of a series of data sharing scandals in the online world, many businesses here will also have to change the way they operate as a result of GDPR rules. If you're confused, don't worry.

However, it's not as though GDPR came out of the blue - the requirements were announced two years ago - and it's particularly surprising that a service owned by a company as big as Pinterest would be so slow to get its ducks in a row.

"As technology increasingly becomes the fabric of business and society, its critical that it be trusted", David Kenny, SVP of IBM Watson and Cloud Platform, told Fox News.

It's much stronger than privacy regulations in the United States.

"Starting tomorrow May 24, 2018, access to the Instapaper service will be temporarily unavailable for residents in Europe as we continue to make changes in light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect May 25, 2018". If you're in the European Union, that is. For example, users can now request that a company delete the information it has stored about them or correct it if it's inaccurate. So really simply, the GDPR is an attempt to create one set of rules that everyone can follow, and it happens to enact the most consumer-friendly set.

The regulations force companies to use the highest possible privacy settings by default.

Privacy-advocacy group said the four companies are forcing people to adopt a "take it or leave it" approach with regard to privacy - essentially demanding that users submit to intrusive terms of service.

The right to be forgotten, meaning all data about someone can be deleted.

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First, they have to figure out if this applies to them.

Also today, publications owned by Tronc, formerly Tribune Media, have blocked access for Europeans. There are probably some businesses that don't realize that their mailing list is worldwide.

"Tons of "consent boxes" popped up online or in applications, often combined with a threat, that the service can not longer be used if user [s] do not consent", his group said in a statement. Even tech experts aren't exactly sure what's going on!

Among the larger technology firms to report an impact was Pinterest's new clipping service Instapaper, which said it underestimated the work required to comply with the new European Union law that requires users to have near-complete control over the data they share with organisations.

That all culminated with the official start of the new standards today, and even all those privacy policy updates haven't gotten everything 100% prepared and above board.

That's the hope of a lot of privacy advocates.

Ahead of the law taking effect Friday, consumers also complained about a number of bureaucratic challenges, such as an influx of consent-seeking emails from companies trying to distribute their newsletters or doctors making their patients sign pages-long forms about how to store their data.

No, this isn't just happening to annoy you and fill up your inbox.

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