U.S. Naval Academy graduation; Trump delivers remarks

Donald Trump Says ‘Our Ancestors Tamed a Continent' and ‘We Are Not Going to Apologize for America’

Watch live: Trump gives commencement address at US Naval Academy

An United States Naval Academy graduate celebrates with his diploma as US President Donald Trump shakes hands during a ceremony in Annapolis, Maryland on May 25, 2018.

Both the NYT and the Associated Press also picked up on Trump's dubious math in this statement: "We have now the lowest number of ships that we've had since World War I, and very soon you're going to get to 355 handsome ships. 355. We're respected again", the commander-in-chief said. A lot of things have happened. We are going to stand up for America.

"I fought for you", said Trump of the raises. We are going to stand up for America. Mr. Trump is giving the U.S. Naval Academy's commencement speech in Annapolis, Md., Friday morning.

Trump pulled the USA out of that summit a day earlier, citing belligerent rhetoric by Kim Jong Un. "And when did we need it more than now?"

Leaving the White House en route to the Naval Academy, the president said the U.S.is talking to North Korea about trying to revive a nuclear summit next month.

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"The best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war", said Trump, hoping that the grads would never have to use their "beautiful, new, powerful equipment".

"We are not going to apologize for America, we are going to stand up for America - no more apologies", he said in his address to graduates.

On Twitter Friday, Trump said he looks "forward to being with some of the greatest people on earth!" "We are witnessing the great reawakening of the American spirit and of American might", he said.

The president told the graduates that his interest in building up the military is as a means to prevent war but also told the graduates that "victory, winning, attractive words" would be the only option in the event of inevitable conflict.

Trump repeatedly knocked former President Obama as he spoke to the 1,042 graduating midshipmen along with family and guests at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Friday morning.

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