Off-tone Melania Trump tweet sparks serious concern for her welfare



First lady Melania Trump announces her initiatives during a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House on May 7.

Weeks ago, the White House rebutted claims the first lady was living away from the White House because she and the president were supposedly estranged.

Now, almost ten days after her release, the first lady still has yet to be seen, and her doctors have not issued any official statements.

She was most recently seen in public on 10 May at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, when she accompanied her husband as he greeted returning USA citizens who had been released from North Korea.

The president later announced on Twitter that his wife was in "good spirits" and he would soon be visiting her in the hospital. "She was hospitalized for nearly a week and is now home and recovering".

But her five-day hospital stay for what was described as relatively minor surgery did little to stop tongues wagging.

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The fact that the first lady has barely been seen throughout May has been a hot topic of conversation on social media. While that might be normal for most public figures, as the wife of a president who hates the media but loves attention, her absence is much more noticeable. Some wondered whether the first lady had been hospitalized in the first place, due to procedure logistics that typically allow patients to return home that same day. Others say she's cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Today, the First Lady took to the platform to slam the media for spreading unfounded rumors about her disappearance. "She's looking at us right there".

Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and senior adviser, addressed the audience instead.

But appearances notwithstanding, the first lady's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, told Fox News that Mrs. Trump was "involved in several internal meetings with staff all last week" and is "planning events such as the congressional picnic and 4 of July".

Grisham said the first lady would like to be "out and about promoting her initiatives" but "her health comes first". Yet it was she who was behind the silence about her health, Politico reported Wednesday citing people familiar with the situation.

On Twitter, some suggested her husband had actually written the tweet that appeared on her account on Wednesday.

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