Moochin' millennial finally leaves the nest after being evicted

Man, 30, ordered evicted from parents’ home by New York judge feels ‘great’ to be leaving

On yer bike! Deadline for unemployed millennial ordered out of parents' home

The 30-year-old NY man who was evicted from his parents' home by a judge after they took him to court has moved out two and a half hours before his court-ordered deadline.

Notorious millennial mooch Michael Rotondo finally left his parents' home just hours before he was about to be evicted.

The New York Post reported that Rotondo hasn't been on speaking terms with his parents and has said that he is unlikely to speak to them ever again. reports that Rotondo left 2-1/2 hours before the noon deadline set by a judge last week.

This type of family drama usually doesn't make the news, but Rotondo's parents took the unusual step of filing a lawsuit against their son to get him out of their house, where he'd been living for eight years. Rotondo told the Daily Mail they belonged to his eight-year-old son.

In other notes, they offered $1,100 to help their son find a new place to live and said they'd help fix his broken-down vehicle, which was parked on their property. After officers arrived to the home outside Syracuse, the Lego toys were found in the basement. Rotondo told CNN's sister network HLN he did not know why his parents have pushed for him to leave so quickly.

During the court case, Mr Rotondo, who represented himself, argued he should be allowed to live with his parents for another six months.

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"I gotta get going before that thing blows up", he said.

Rotondo will reportedly be staying in an Airbnb while he figured out a long-term plan. Rotondo is still a little ticked at his parents, though, who've been trying to get him out of the house since February, and apparently feels a bit rushed.

Michael Rotondo has told local media he is battling for custody of his son.

"Get one - you have to work!"

On Friday, Rotondo stood outside the place he once called home but had some trouble before then. "I don't have to guess what's behind Door No. 1". After that, he planned on moving in with a distant cousin.

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