US televangelist appeals for donations for $54 million private jet

Louisiana televangelist seeks donations for $54M private jet: report

US preacher asks followers to help him buy $78m private jet

Jesse Duplantis has owned three private jets throughout his life and says he is "burning them up for the Lord" and needs a new one.

"Some people believe that preachers shouldn't have jets", he says. "Think about it for a minute".

In 2015 Duplantis and televangelist Kenneth Copeland defended their use of jets in an appearance on the same program, saying they can not preach the gospel worldwide using commercial airlines.

Duplantis admits that the juxtaposition of a Man of a Cloth against a multi-million-dollar private jet may strike some as odd.

His organization, Jesse Duplantis Ministries, is headquartered in Destrehan, Louisiana, with a global reach facilitated by a television program, magazine and web series.

In the video, the preacher recounted a conversation he said he had with God about the need for a plane.

In a video posted to his website last week, he asked his followers for help funding the aircraft, noting that God told him he should have a jet - but not pay for it.

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Duplantis is not the only televangelist who has asked for donations to cover the costs of a private jet-and who vehemently defend the concept.

During his show "This Week With Jesse" on May 21, evangelical minister Jesse Duplantis asked worshipers to help him pay for a new jet.

He said: "In one of the greatest statements the Lord ever told me, he said 'Jesse you want to come up where I'm at?" One person pointed to the fact that Duplantis said in the video that donating was optional.

"You can't manage that today", Copeland said, according to USA Today.

People took to social media to express their discontent over Duplantis' request.

Duplantis' solicitation comes four months after another televangelist, the Newark, Texas-based Kenneth Copeland, announced he had bought a new Gulfstream V jet.

Apparently, the only way for Duplantis to effectively spread the word of God is to do so by luxury air travel. "I can't live long enough to travel by vehicle, or by ship, or by train, but I can do it by an airplane". If I can do it for one stop, I can fly it for a lot cheaper because I have my own fuel farm. Duplantis told viewers, "Pray about becoming a partner to it".

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