Theresa May Condemns Trump’s Steel, Aluminium Tariff

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross leaves his hotel in Beijing

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross leaves his hotel in Beijing

"Our steel and aluminium industries are hugely important to the United Kingdom, but they also contribute to USA industry including in defence projects which bolster U.S. national security." she said.

Mexico, for instance, plans to retaliate against the steel and aluminum tariffs by targeting USA cheese, among other products.

It appears that there's some kind of strategy here to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement, better known as NAFTA.

Trump has claimed that the tariffs relate to issues of national security, but Trudeau scoffed at such reasoning during a press conference, pointing to several instances where Canadian personnel and US troops fought side by side, most notably in both major world wars and Afghanistan.

Trudeau is hosting this year's G-7 summit in early June and President Trump is expected to attend.

Top European officials held last-ditch talks in Paris with American trade officials to try to avert USA tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Canada and Mexico are also being hit by the Trump tariffs.

"I'm starting to worry that he's not going to get what he wants through NAFTA", said Ambrose, who is a member of the federal NAFTA advisory panel. "From the beaches of Normandy to the mountains of Afghanistan, we have fought and died together", Trudeau told moderator Chuck Todd.

Trudeau slammed the U.S. for the move, saying "these tariffs are totally unacceptable".

"We talked about how hard this was going to be in terms of a turning point in the Canada-U.S. relationship", Trudeau noted.

The European Union is planning retaliatory tariffs on US steel and food goods in the coming weeks, once it calculates the exact cost to EU companies of the USA tariffs.

On CTV's Question Period, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said he will be speaking with his USA counterpart Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin about how these tariffs are in neither country's best interest.

President Trump said the United States had been unfairly treated in trade with its neighboring and oversees partners. "In this case, it is simply a response to a first action", Guajardo told Mexican radio.

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The Mexican government said it would levy import taxes on USA exports of pork bellies, apples, cranberries, grapes, certain cheeses and various types of steel.

A White House official, however, disputed Trudeau's remarks, stating that the Canadian prime minister exaggerated just how close to the trade deal the three countries were.

Data from European steel association Eurofer shows the United States was the destination of about 15 percent of Europe's steel exports in 2017.

In March, Trump announced plans to impose 25-percent tariff on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum, while delaying implementation for some trading partners to offer concessions to avoid the tariffs. It's not always easy to match a specific product to a specific tariff or to keep up with which products from which countries are facing, say, special anti-dumping duties.

Trump has vowed to press ahead with tariffs on as much as $50 billion in imports from China. It's illegal. It's immoral.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross leaves his hotel in Beijing, Friday, May 4, 2018.

At midnight Thursday, the Trump Administration announced steep tariffs on metals imported from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

The long-threatened tactic is sure to cast a pall over the G7, with some observers saying a G6-plus-one scenario is already shaping up.

"It all depends on how the various parties react to the circumstances".

"The EU and United Kingdom should be permanently exempted from tariffs and we will continue to work together to protect and safeguard our workers and industries". "Instead of imposing piecemeal tariffs on our trading partners, he should comprehensively and fundamentally re-write all of our failed unfettered trade policies to stop the race to the bottom and lift living standards in the US and throughout the world".

I think we all know Donald well enough to know what he would do next. The European Union and Canada have both pledged to retaliate.

Second, we need to understand the nature of trade.

President Donald Trump on Friday took to Twitter and lambasted Canada for mistreating American farmers.

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