U.S. teens are abandoning Facebook for YouTube, Snapchat

Facebook edged out of top 3 social networks by U.S. teens

Poll: Teens favor YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat over Facebook and Twitter | TheHill

A Pew Research Center survey shows that 85 per cent of US teens, ages 13 to 17, use YouTube, compared with 72 per cent for the Facebook-owned Instagram and 69 per cent for Snapchat.

In 2015, the survey showed that 71% of American teenagers between 13 years old and 17 years old used Facebook.

A new study has revealed that Facebook's popularity among USA teenagers has taken a massive beating over the last few years, while its rival social network companies continue to remain hot favorites.

While 85 per cent teenagers use YouTube, 72 per cent use Instagram and 69 per cent use Snapchat, showed the survey conducted between March 7-April 10 this year. In the previous study, just 52% of teens said they used Instagram, while 41% said they used Snapchat.

The data comes from a Pew Research Center survey in which U.S. teens revealed which services they use and which one they use most often. Notably, lower-income teenagers are more likely to gravitate toward Facebook than those from higher-income households.

"The news has to be concerning to Facebook, although some of the exodus is for Instagram, which is also owned by the company", said Greg Sterling, vice president of strategy and insights at the Local Search Association.

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However, the conclusion is pretty clear, teens do not like Facebook as much as they used to, and this can't be good news to Facebook. Twitter pulled off three percent, while Reddit and Tumblr were being used by one percent and less than one percent respectively.

Black teens, Pew reported, are more likely to use Facebook by more than 3-1 over whites, 26 percent compared to just seven percent. Only 36 percent of users come from households that make more than $75,000 yearly.

Ninety-five percent of teenagers have smartphone access. The main reason behind that was bullying, but a number of teens said social media harmed relationships, reduced face-to-face contact and created an unrealistic view of other's lives. While 31% of the teens described the effect as positive the 24% of the respondents said it affects negatively.

When it comes to the platform they access most frequently throughout the day, Snapchat is king.

Pew found that changing social media patterns are taking place as digital technology continues to evolve.

As Facebook's popularity dropped by around 20 percentage points in the last three years, both Snapchat and Instagram grew at a similar rate.

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