SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carries satellite into orbit

OTD in Space – June 4: Falcon 9 Rocket Reaches Orbit

SpaceX launches communication satellite, ditches old booster

Payer traveled from SES headquarters in Luxembourg to watch the launch of his company's SES-12 satellite.

A SpaceX rocket delivered a communications satellite to orbit during an early Monday morning launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The Falcon 9's first stage had supported the OTV-5 mission in September 2017, according to a SpaceX press kit.

SpaceX made no attempt to recover the earlier-generation "block 4" first stage, which was limited to only two flights. The four-hour launch window opens on Monday, June 4 at 12:29 a.m. EDT. The satellite operator, SES, tweeted, "What a attractive start to the week!"

About 27 feet tall and almost 12,000 pounds heavy, Halliwell joked that the spacecraft built by Airbus Defense and Space in France hardly fit into the nose of the Falcon 9 rocket or payload fairing.

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"Once operational Crew Dragon missions are under way for NASA, SpaceX will launch the private mission on a journey to circumnavigate the Moon and return to Earth", SpaceX said in a statement.

Because it takes less on-board xenon propellant to achieve the required equatorial orbit, the Falcon 9, by boosting SES-12 into a high super-synchronous transfer orbit, will add more than five years to the satellite's lifetime and shave almost a month off the time needed to reach its operational location.

The satellite is created to expand SES' capabilities to deliver very small aperture terminal and high-throughput data connectivity and direct-to-home broadcasting services in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East. The satellite's on-board electric propulsion system will maneuver the craft into a circular geostationary orbit around 22,300 miles (35,800 kilometers) over the equator in the next few months.

The craft, carrying Bangladesh's first communications satellite, the Bangabandhu 1, blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida. "And satellite is one of the (ways) - and sometimes the only way - to those markets". Americans to deliver cargo to the global space station using the Cygnus vehicles Orbital ATK and Dragon manufactured by SpaceX.

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