Amazon to show 20 live Premier League games

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Amazon has made it's much expected entry into the Premier League rights market Credit AFP

After the past two domestic deals both produced 70 percent jumps in the value of rights, the league is now experiencing a downturn and looking to generate more revenue overseas where all 380 games are available live each season.

Amazon's purchase of the twenty Premier League games was only one package. The fixtures will be over two periods in December, and that some will clash with each other - although an Amazon spokesperson pointed out to me that you could still watch multiple matches at the same time, on different devices if you wish if you like to multitask.

Overall, the total pot of central revenues - domestic and worldwide broadcast rights and sponsorship deals - will be distributed on a 1.8:1 basis, meaning the champions will earn 80 per cent more than the team that finishes last from 2019-20 onward.

Sky Sports has acquired four packages, totalling 128 matches per season, BT Sport two packages, totalling 52 matches per season, and Premier Sports two packages, totalling 53 matches per season.

It will offer the matches as part of its Amazon Prime Video subscription, it is said, with all members getting access to the live streams at no extra cost.

No financial figures made public so far but the figures we do know, are that there are now set to be a massive 200 of the 380 PL games each season, shown on live TV starting in 2018/19. Premier League football joins a growing collection of live sports being streamed on Prime Video, including NFL games, ATP World Tour Tennis events, and US Open Tennis.

Amazon's entry into the market breaks the five-year stranglehold Sky and BT have held on Premier League rights in the UK.

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He cautioned that "Amazon's current business model is unsustainable to support the acquisition of costly live sports rights in the long term" and predicted that Amazon will introduce a new sports channel bundle for Prime subscribers.

This latest deal represents one of seven packages available for Premier League live coverage in the United Kingdom from 2019/20.

"Crucially, Amazon does not need to offer the best matches to boost take-up of Prime but only some matches", they said.

Announcing the deal, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said: "Amazon is an exciting new partner for the Premier League and we are very pleased they have chosen to invest in these rights. In addition, Prime members will be able to watch weekly highlights of all Premier League matches throughout the season".

In Ireland, the League has concluded the sale of 233 live matches per season split into eight packages of rights, the same seven packages of rights as in the United Kingdom and an additional package of 33 Saturday 15:00 matches.

Under the new formula, the maximum a club can receive is 1.8 times the amount received by the lowest-earning club, the Premier League said in a statement.

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