EPA staffers say Pruitt sent them on errands to get snack food

Tom Williams  Congressional Quarterly  Newscom via ZUMA

Tom Williams Congressional Quarterly Newscom via ZUMA

Hupp helped search for multiple apartments for the administrator over a period of months, as well as booked his private travel and inquired about the availability of a mattress at discounted cost from the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Pruitt spoke Wednesday to a correspondent for Nexstar Media Group. We need more of them in Tulsa, we need more of them across the country.

For six months previous year, Pruitt enjoyed one of the sweetest housing arrangements in Washington: a condominium on Capitol Hill that he could rent for the far-below-market rate of $50 per night, paying only when he was in town.

Scott Pruitt commented Wednesday on his recent Chick-fil-A business venture, stating, "with great change comes great opposition" when referring to the "changes" he's making at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Hupp was recently in the news, just this week, after the Washington Post reported she had worked to arrange a meeting between her boss and the head of Chick-fil-A. The scheduler went on to write in the email that "the administrator asked me to reach out to you".

"The subject of that phone call was an expression of interest in his wife becoming a Chick-Fil-A franchisee", the company representative said. She cited Pruitt's leadership and tenacity in a statement released by the EPA.

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So professional. The backstory here is that a few weeks ago an Atlantic reporter revealed that Pruitt had asked for permission to raise the salaries of two of his favorite staffers, both of whom had followed him to DC from Oklahoma. Others said there was growing frustration in their ranks about Mr. Pruitt's behavior. Congressional committees have looked into costly flights including several first-class trips taken by the Administrator during his first year in office.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is mired in scandals. That lobbyist, J. Steven Hart, has since retired from his firm after the accusations came to light. The EPA gave no reason for her departure.

Members of Congress have also called on Pruitt to step aside.

"Knowing Scott Pruitt, I think he will do a good job", Hatch said. EPA is doing really well.

"Somebody has to say that about you a little bit, you know that, Scott", he added. You know that, Scott.

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