How the US-North Korea summit will move the markets

How the US-North Korea summit will move the markets

Meet the young Singaporeans building bridges with North Koreans

US President Donald Trump said his summit with North Korea represented "a one-time" chance to forge peace and that he would know within a minute if his counterpart Kim Jong Un was a serious partner.

The two men are scheduled to meet in Singapore on Tuesday.

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on June 9, 2018, during the G7 Summit in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada.

Kim Jong Il, the current leader's father who died in 2011, violated past global deals aimed at curbing the North's nuclear program and ballistic missiles by launching new weapons tests.

Trump days later announced that the summit was back on but has remained only cautiously optimistic about how the historic meeting would pan out.

Beijing, the North's only major ally and key economic lifeline, is also ready for a peace agreement, according to William Overholt, an Asia expert and senior fellow at Harvard University, and could "come down very hard on the North" if Pyongyang refuses to abandon its nukes despite potential USA offers of a peace treaty, security guarantees, diplomatic recognition and economic assistance. (Carlos Barria/Reuters) North Korea handing over its nuclear weapons, however, is nearly certainly not going to happen at this meeting. The United States stations 28,500 troops in South Korea, a legacy of the Korean War.

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"I'm glad to say that as of now, it's all systems go".

With a riverside view that looks directly over North Korea, the 2,400-unit project by Singaporean developer Brothers (Holdings) Ltd broke ground in 2008 but saw annual sales of less than a hundred units in the last five years as China's neighbor grew more focused on its nuclear program. The president said at a press briefing in Quebec that his relationships with the other highly industrialized nations in the G-7 are all very strong despite disagreements over recent USA tariffs. "This should be a matter between USA and South Korea".

Later, the U.S. president expanded on this thought. "Very well prepared, I think".

But Trump also hedged his bets, claiming that the results he demands - a complete denuclearization of the peninsula - could take time. Seeing Nobel Peace Prize laurels and eyeing potential to show up his critics at home and overseas, Trump is granting Kim the worldwide legitimacy he's long sought in hopes of securing a legacy-defining accord. In a paper for the Centre for International Security and Cooperation published in 2008, Carlin wrote that United States officials spent thousands of hours of often fruitful negotiation with North Korea between 1993 and 2000, before the relationship again frayed.

He also praised the North Koreans, saying they have been "really working very well with us" during preparations for the summit. "I don't know why those two famous guys come here", she said. The newspaper said the vehicles weren't from a local authorized dealer, which suggests the cars were brought in specifically for the summit and may be used by Kim. "I think that he's going to surprise on the upside, very much on the upside", Trump said.

North Korea's secrecy would make it hard to end its nuclear program quickly, said Robert Einhorn, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

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